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Chriwa Holding is a globally recognised partner for water and wastewater treatment technology as well as for recycling technology, with its own engineering, design, pre-assembly and manufacturing office at our premises. We offer turnkey projects with worldwide assembly, on-site commissioning and visualisation and operational data acquisition systems for remote maintenance and monitoring. Our after-sales service, responsible for spare parts, maintenance and remote support, offers our customers permanent support to ensure flawless plant operation. Our comprehensive service also includes plant conversion and optimisation.

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From the garage into the world - how it all began. The interview with company founder and president Peter Christiansen and our milestones in 50 years of company history.


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Chriwa Group Total Water Management Diagram - Everything under one roof!

Many years of experience gained worldwide in various branches of industry have consolidated our technological competence. Our customers benefit from this and from the exchange between our companies.

- Tailor-made water treatment from advice on well construction to the finished product

- Wastewater treatment up to energy generation from wastewater and residual materials

- Water recycling and reprocessing of wastewater from treatment for use in process water, irrigation and other applications.

Our group of companies - colours and symbol

To date, approximately 200 people are directly or indirectly involved in the success and reputation of Chriwa, CUSS and AWG products.

We protect the well-being of people, as pioneers in the treatment of the most precious resource on earth: water.

To protect the environment, to preserve nature, to give you the best pure water.

water matters - we care