Chriwa Group - Water matters. We care.


Our wide range of applications is made possible by the technologies and processes we use. Wastewater treatment and energy generation are our services for industry and municipalities.  With our solutions, we see ourselves as pioneers in the field of environmental and green technology. Take a look at our processes in detail:

Mechanical and chemical pre-treatment

Industrial waste water is subject to strong fluctuations in its characteristics during the course of the day, in terms of quantity, pH value, organic load, temperature and many other key figures. The aim of pre-treatment is to make the material safe and usable for the further process.

Aerobic, anaerobic or biological treatment

Aerobic wastewater treatment is the most widespread and proven treatment process. Especially in industries with wastewater that is heavily polluted with organic matter, anaerobic treatment is an excellent solution with individual advantages.

Further technologies:

Cleaning and reuse

- Gravel and activated carbon filtration

- Membrane technologies (e.g. ultra filtration, reverse osmosis)

- Disinfection (e.g. UV lamps, ozone, chlorination)

Sludge treatment

- Sludge dewatering (e.g. by belt filter press, centrifuge, chamber filter press)

- Sludge thickening / storage

Biogas treatment and use

- Biogas cleaning according to requirements

- Emergency flares

- Reuse in a boiler

- Reuse by a combined heat and power (CHP) plant

Exhaust air treatment

- Biological systems (e.g. in the aeration tank)

- Activated carbon filtration

Energy from waste water

- As a source of renewable energy

- Anaerobic treatment of wastewater turns it into an efficient source of energy production

- Applicable to industries and production plants

- Significant reduction of environmental pollution

- Surplus energy production can be used for power supply

Energy from residues

- Canned fish

- Bagasse

- Leftovers from seeds and fruits

- Residues from slaughterhouses

- Residues from the production of beer and rum

- Residues from food production