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Projects - Our references in water treatment.

InBev Nikolaev

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant for the complete biological treatment of brewery wastewater in Ukraine with a multi-stage anaerobic-aerobic concept. By using secondary energy sources, an economically productive process was realised.

Waterworks in Lithuania

Drinking water treatment plant for residual desulphurisation, nitrification (ammonium reduction), turbidity removal and fluoride reduction

Flexible water treatment plant for use with river water and well water

On the request of a beverage company producing soft drinks and bottled water, CHRIWA built a water treatment plant for river and well water in Colombia in 2012. Due to a high level of turbidity, a high TSS content and an iron content, the demands placed upon the water treatment plant were very high.

Wastewater treatment for a flavouring manufacturer

A complete retrofitting of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the North of Italy was conducted in the years 2020 / 2021. The design was developed in close cooperation with the client and a British consultant specialized in wastewater treatment plants. The main task was to extend the existing WWTP so it can cope with future increase of production capacity of the factory on a 10-year horizon. The existing equalization basin was completely restored, and the process furthermore increased with pretreatment facilities and a biological treatment step to decrease the organic load before the wastewater enters the public sewer system.

European beer in South Korea

High-quality hygienic design of a fully automated plant for the production of a European beer in Seoul, South Korea.

Drinking water treatment plant to remove herbicide

The waterworks of a municipality in Northern Germany supplies approx. 5000 households and companies with a total of 1.2 million m³ of drinking water annually. As part of a routine testing program in July 2011 the raw water was tested for the first time for ethidimuron...

SBR activation treatment to receiving water quality

In 1996, a well-known international softdrink producer has built a large beverage production plant as a greenfield project in Ukraine. The waste water, originating from production, processing and bottling is fed into a SBR system and treated up to receiving water quality. Within the ramework the plant was extended in 2010 as part of a second construction phase.

Aerobic wastewater treatment on a Carribean island

On behalf of a beverage bottler for beer and soft drinks, CUSS built a wastewater treatment plant on a Caribbean Island in 2011.The wastewater mixture discharge from the production facility was to be completely cleaned as part of the wastewater treatment so that is could be discharged to the receiving waters.

Extension of a plant during operation

In 2016, CUSS built a wastewater treatment plant for a brewery in Sansimion / Romania. The brewery has expanded its portfolio by a production of potato chips. To treat the additional wastewater produced, the plant is being expanded. The chips production is located about one kilometer away from the brewery. In the conceptual design, the current expansion had to be considered and the planned expansion also had to be partially integrated. These two concepts had to be integrated into the existing plant with minimal downtime.

Production for baby food in Serbia

Water treatment and wastewater treatment technology for the factory in Dobanovci.

Drinking water treatment plant in Germany

To meet the requirements of the german drinking water regulations, an existing well water supply had to be expanded with new filter technology.

Wastewater Treatment for water reuse in a water scarce province in Saudi Arabia

A renowned soft-drink manufacturer consulted CUSS to design and install a new wastewater treatment plant at a greenfield factory in terms of complying with high local environmental standards. A combination of anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment was chosen to decrease overall operational expenditures.

Construction of a wastewater treatment plan for a Russian brewery

In 2010 CUSS designed and built a wastewater treatment plant for a brewery in Siberia in the south of Russia. Since the commissioning 5.000 m³ of wastewater are treated daily in the plant.

Feed water softening for steam generation

Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH supplied an ion exchanger for softening the Gräfelfingen municipal water to supply the steam generation in the DOEMENS technical centre.