Chriwa Group - Water matters. We care.

Chriwa is a globally recognised partner for water treatment technology with its own engineering office, design, pre-assembly and manufacturing on our company premises. We offer turnkey projects with worldwide assembly, on-site commissioning and visualisation and operational data acquisition systems for remote maintenance and monitoring. Our after-sales service, responsible for spare parts, maintenance and remote servicing, provides our customers with permanent support to ensure flawless plant operation. Our comprehensive service also includes the conversion and optimisation of plants.

We have completed projects in a wide range of industries.


High-quality municipal water supply, supply-secure operation, wide range of processes for the waterworks.

Beverage industry

In the beverage industry, the production of soft drinks, lemonades or juices depends on excellent, consistent water quality and product water standards so that the end product reliably has the same taste every time and everywhere.


The quality of the water is decisive for the taste and quality of a good beer. This is also how philosophers interpret the essence of beer: the malt as its soul, the water as its body.

Dairy industry, dairies, dairy farms

During the production and processing of cheese and other dairy products, large quantities of drinking water quality water are often required for short periods.

Food industry and liquid food industry

In the food industry, as in the beverage industry, strict regulations guard the purity and safety of food for human consumption.

Industry in general

Industrial processes depend on a smooth and uninterrupted water supply