Chriwa Group - Water matters. We care.


Chriwa's wide range of services produces process water for various purposes in industry. Here we give an overview of what we can do with water:

Drinking water

Chriwa implements small to very large drinking water treatment plants in accordance with the demanding EU directives and the TrinkwV.

Mineral water and drinks

In the beverage industry, strict regulations guard the purity and safety of food for human consumption. Water is an essential ingredient for their production.

Process water

Industrial processes depend on a smooth and uninterrupted water supply.

Groundwater & soil remediation

Pollutants as well as contaminants such as oils, toxins, radioactive radiation, chemical substances or organic contamination in aquifers or soil layers are treated by our plants.

Water recycling & reprocessing

The recycling of water into process water in the industrial sector or the treatment of wastewater for discharge into public waters is part of the holistic solution approach in many of our projects.

Chriwa has been supplying complete water treatment plants since 1973. These many years of expertise offer our customers individual and reliable water treatment of different raw water qualities into product waters optimally adapted to the respective process as well as ecological processes for water recycling and recovery. We always work in close contact with our customers.

Together, we exploit all the possibilities of modern and economical water management: from planning to delivery.