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We supply optimally matched plants - whether aerobic or anaerobic wastewater treatment, biogas utilisation and sludge treatment, we have an optimal solution to offer for every requirement. Our delivery programme includes the following applications:

Reactors & Plant Components

- Lamella lamella separator

- Aerobic treatment processes such as

         - SBR reactors
         - Activated sludge processes with secondary clarifiers
         - Membrane bioreactors (MBR) submerged, backwashable ultrafiltration membranes

- Anaerobic treatment processes such as

         - UASB reactors
         - High-performance reactors (EGSB)

- flotation plants

- Foam elimination

- Exhaust air purification via

         - biofilters
         - (Bio)scrubbers
         - Activated carbon filters

- Ultrafiltration with submerged, backwashable membranes

Storage & Metering Equipment

- Acid (HCl,H2SO4, etc.)

- Lye (NaOH)

- Flocculants and additives (FeCL3, FeSO4, AlCl3, polymer, ...)

- nutrients

- Conditioning agents

- Disinfection solutions

Post-treatment for water recycling

- Gravel and activated carbon filtration

- Membrane filtration (UF, NF, RO)

- Disinfection (chlorine, UV)

Sludge thickening / sludge dewatering

- Chamber filter or belt filter presses

- Lime silo plants with conveying and dosing screws

- Preparation and dosing stations for polymer, milk of lime, etc.

Biogas treatment

- H2S removal

- Condensate separation

- compressors

- Refrigeration drying

Energy generation from biogas

- Heating

- Combined heat and power plants

Or safe burning of the biogas with emergency and surplus biogas flares

Systems for...

- ...Heat and power generation

- ...Groundwater damage remediation

Measurement & Automation

- PLC and computer-aided process visualisation SCADA

- automatic samplers

- safety engineering

Additional services

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