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CUSS develops wastewater treatment plants and plant components tailored to the specific situation, ensuring our customers optimum value for money and receiving water quality through to reuse in recycling. We are active in a wide range of industries:

Beverage industry

Treatment of waste water from beverage production.

Food industry

In the food industry, CUSS wastewater treatment and reuse plants make it possible for the treated wastewater to be available for purposes such as process water, irrigation, etc.

Meat processing

Wastewater treatment in the meat industry uses processes that consistently clean the different, sometimes high levels of contamination in the wastewater stream.

Dairies, dairy products and milk beverages

For business reasons, the dairy industry usually aims to have its own wastewater treatment, for example through an on-site wastewater treatment plant for heat recovery and biogas energy production.

Distilleries, wine, sparkling wine and spirits producers

In particular, the characteristics of distillery wastewater, namely the presence of sugar, ethanol and soluble starch, offer the possibility of optimising resource utilisation by generating biogas through anaerobic digestion.

Sewage treatment plants for municipalities

In industrial plants, waste water of municipal structure often accumulates from the canteens and sanitary facilities of the production and office buildings. This can be treated separately to receiving water quality in specially designed and compact treatment systems.

The responsible use of natural resources for a sustainable corporate strategy requires special technologies and concepts, also and especially for wastewater treatment. Based on more than 30 years of experience, CUSS can offer holistically tested and mature solutions to safely achieve sustainability goals.


Overall, we are primarily active in these industries: