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About us

CUSS Chriwa Umwelt-Systemtechnik und Service GmbH was founded in 1988 and is part of the Chriwa group of companies based in Hambühren (Lower Saxony). We are your reliable partner for integrated solutions in the field of wastewater treatment. Over the years, we have specialised in industrial wastewater treatment plants in the food and beverage sector, but municipal wastewater treatment plants are also part of our service portfolio.

From simple SBR plants to anaerobic wastewater treatment with biogas production to the recovery of service water for production, our customers can rely on decades of experience and competent advice. In addition to inspecting and preliminary planning, our expertise also includes the handover of turnkey plants including operational monitoring over several months.

In addition to wastewater solutions, we offer holistic solutions for your water cycle together with our partner companies Chriwa and AWG. With a high degree of in-house production in our own production halls, we deliver quality and engineering Made in Germany!

Our customers appreciate the personal and individual advice provided by a highly motivated team of experienced engineers, designers and draughtsmen. International customers also benefit from a worldwide network of service and sales offices, which enables us to guarantee our customers fast, flexible and cost-effective support in all matters.

Our benefits:



CUSS develops wastewater treatment plants and plant components tailored to the respective situation, which guarantee our customers an optimal price-performance ratio and receiving water quality up to reuse in recycling.


We supply optimally matched plants - whether aerobic or anaerobic wastewater treatment, biogas utilisation and sludge treatment, we have an optimal solution to offer for every requirement.


Our projects in wastewater treatment and energy generation.


CUSS is your recognised partner for wastewater treatment technology as well as recycling technology with its own engineering office, design, pre-assembly and manufacturing on the Chriwa Group premises. We offer turnkey projects with worldwide assembly, on-site commissioning and visualisation and operating data acquisition systems for remote maintenance and monitoring. Our after-sales service, responsible for spare parts, maintenance and remote servicing, provides our customers with permanent support to ensure flawless plant operation. Our comprehensive service also includes the conversion and optimisation of plants.