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Chriwa has been supplying complete water treatment plants since 1973. This long-standing expertise offers our customers individual and reliable water treatment plant technology, starting from various raw water qualities to product waters that are optimally tailored to the respective process, as well as ecological processes for water recycling and recovery. This makes our systems durable, efficient and environmentally friendly. We supply all industries – be it drinking water, product water or process water.
Together, we exploit all the possibilities of modern and economical water management: from planning to delivery.

The benefits of Chriwa:


Water treatment for industry and municipalities: beverage producers, waterworks, breweries, food industry, process water, dairy industry


Chriwa's wide range of services produces process water for various purposes in industry. Here we give an overview of how we can work with water.


The wide range of the Chriwa water treatment technologies allows the individual and reliable treatment of different raw water qualities to produce waters perfectly matching the individual process requirements.


Chriwa turnkey projects, i.e. complete turnkey systems for the entire treatment spectrum in fully automatic design. Container production to pre-assembly in Germany.


Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH is your established supplier of water treatment plants worldwide. Would you like to contact us? You can reach us at the numbers and addresses given. We will be happy to help you personally!


Our references in the industry. Browse through a selection of our projects, subdivisible by company, region and product.


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An excerpt of our projects:

Waterworks in Lithuania

Drinking water treatment plant for residual desulphurisation, nitrification (ammonium reduction), turbidity removal and fluoride reduction

Flexible water treatment plant for use with river water and well water

On the request of a beverage company producing soft drinks and bottled water, CHRIWA built a water treatment plant for river and well water in Colombia in 2012. Due to a high level of turbidity, a high TSS content and an iron content, the demands placed upon the water treatment plant were very high.

Drinking water treatment plant to remove herbicide

The waterworks of a municipality in Northern Germany supplies approx. 5000 households and companies with a total of 1.2 million m³ of drinking water annually. As part of a routine testing program in July 2011 the raw water was tested for the first time for ethidimuron...

European beer in South Korea

High-quality hygienic design of a fully automated plant for the production of a European beer in Seoul, South Korea.

Drinking water treatment plant in Germany

To meet the requirements of the german drinking water regulations, an existing well water supply had to be expanded with new filter technology.

About us

Founded in 1973 in Celle, Lower Saxony, today's Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH is an established supplier of water treatment plants to over 110 countries around the world.

Today, our main factory is located in Hambühren, Lower Saxony. We design and manufacture vessels and apparatus ourselves in our company. Here, the individual components of our Chriwa water treatment plants are completely pre-assembled and tested. The final assembly on site is carried out by our own qualified personnel - on request, we can also hand over turnkey and ready-to-operate plants to our customers.

Our plants are characterised by a very long service life and excellent material and product quality. We accompany our customers from planning to successful commissioning and far beyond. Extensive references from international softdrink brands, mineral springs, breweries, waterworks etc. prove that Chriwa is one of the world's leading plant suppliers.

We supply the following industries with our water treatment plants with the highest quality standards - Made in Germany:

Chriwa also has offices in Spain and Colombia. In addition, we are internationally positioned with further local representatives.