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CUSS is your recognised partner for wastewater treatment technology as well as recycling technology with its own engineering office, design, pre-assembly and manufacturing on the Chriwa Group premises. We offer turnkey projects worldwide to achieve sustainability goals and environmental protection.

Concept development

CUSS no diseña ni suministra plantas de tratamiento de agua estándar o fabricadas en serie, sino plantas "a medida", es decir, adaptadas de forma óptima a la tarea correspondiente.


Our customers are specialists in their production areas worldwide, which usually require a special process and engineering design. Often local regulations and laws or company-internal guidelines require extensive wastewater treatment - the so-called fish-pond quality.

Layout and construction

The basic calculation and design of the CUSS plants is carried out, partly program-supported, according to internationally recognised standards. Thanks to the coordination of all design aspects), our engineers and designers can experience all dimensions of our plants in detail in order to build and operate the plants with improved design.

Manufacture and Assembly

The components of CUSS wastewater treatment plants are pre-assembled in the main factory in Hambühren, as far as technically possible, to enable rapid final assembly and commissioning. Continuous further training enables our qualified employees with many years of experience to always work according to the latest production methods.

(Electrical-) Commissioning

Experienced electrical and commissioning engineers, electrical technicians as well as continuously trained specialist staff ensure technically flawless planning as well as programming of PLC-controlled wastewater treatment plants.


During operation, our process visualisation system ensures transparency for all processes and the collection of operating data. All relevant processes are mapped, logged and evaluated in various statistics.


Regular preventive maintenance and servicing measures to ensure the operational readiness and functionality of our systems are carried out by our nationwide service network, usually within the framework of a maintenance contract.

Quality management

[Translate to English:] Zur Sicherstellung der Anforderungen an die Qualität der Produkte ist in allen Abteilungen ein dokumentiertes QMS (Qualitätsmanagement-System) eingeführt worden. Durch die Dokumentation und Aufrechterhaltung dieses QMS wird erreicht, dass alle Kundenanforderungen und eigene gestellte Forderungen sowie die angestrebten Qualitätsziele dauerhaft erfüllt und verbessert werden.

Innovation and development

[Translate to English:] Weiterleitung zu Chriwa - Um sowohl technisch als auch verfahrenstechnisch immer auf dem neuesten Stand zu bleiben, pflegt die CUSS intensive Kontakte mit Hochschulen und einschlägigen Institutionen.

Education and training

[Translate to English:] Weiterleitung zur Chriwa - Ein wesentlicher Schritt bei der erfolgreichen Installation einer Wasseraufbereitungsanlage ist die Schulung des zukünftigen Bedienpersonals. Je nach Art und Komplexität der Anlage wird Dauer, Inhalt und Umfang der Schulung auf die neue Anlage zugeschnitten.

We offer turnkey projects with worldwide assembly, on-site commissioning and visualisation and operating data acquisition systems for remote maintenance and monitoring. Our after-sales service, responsible for spare parts, maintenance and remote servicing, provides our customers with permanent support to ensure flawless plant operation. Our comprehensive service also includes the conversion and optimisation of plants.

In our approach to customised wastewater treatment and energy generation, a close exchange with the customer is particularly important. In close cooperation, we clarify project-relevant milestones and provide advice taking into account the construction site, wastewater transport system, water quality and quantity, guidelines and many other key figures.

It is our goal to maintain high quality functionality and to keep the CUSS facilities in good condition. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum through preventive maintenance and an after-sales service team that can be reached and executed quickly.